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We offer our successful and result oriented training programme that brings about dramatic and real change in an organization, on the job. Executives and business owners are usually shocked when they see their small, medium and large scale organizations - across industry, business and education - completely turn around with steep increases in productivity as a result of our training programme.

We offer three types of programmes:

PICKSS: Training for managers

A 6-days workshop on managerial effectiveness

PICKS is an entirely original way of looking at management and business - it is a simple and practical method for becoming effective as a manager and in running a business.

Success = Resource x Strategy

When resource constraints are severe, the need for evolving and implementing the right strategy is all the more acute, in order to make up for the shortfall in resources. PICKS attempts to orient one's thinking towards evolving successful strategies, drawing lessons from simple, commonsensical and practical principles from industry, nature and energy.


To orient people's thinking towards:
Evolving successful strategy so as to get the best returns from available resources.Effective man-management. Speedy growth with minimal risk, in tune with nature & energy laws.


Lucid explanation of concept involved, step by step, with real industry case studies and use of video to drive impact. Demonstration of applicability to the company by taking up its own case with current relevant problem areas.

Results In

Sustained increase in effectiveness of management and business growth with reduced risk, immediately upon completion of the programme.


Applicable for all levels manager/supervisory upwards to the Board, across all functions of business/industry.

PEGS: Training for non-managers

A 4-days workshop on Personal Effectiveness and Growth Strategy

The thrust of PEGS is on positive attitudinal development and in helping to create efficient reinforcement centers for the sustenance of the changed attitudes and behavior. Our experiences in different organizations reveal that most employees do not lack skills, aptitude, knowledge or goal orientation. It is their attitudes that influences the work outcome, which is nurtured and perpetuated by peer pressure.

PEGS is an experiential learning programme that creates self motivated and postively tuned people, channels untapped potential into creative and productive activities, in the context of the company. In this programme, participants reflect upon their thinking, speaking and behaviour in different contexts, at home and work. They examine their reactions; diagnose the hindering aspects and contract for change to achieve excellence.

Results Achieved:

  • Programme creates a better workplace environment - that of self-motivated and positively-tuned people, it also makes way for the right climate for introduction of forums like quality circles, communication meetings and other group activities.
  • Instills insights, expands awareness of untapped potential and channels this into productive and creative activities.
  • Achieves changed perception and attitudes in majority of participants. Increases openness at all levels, hence reduces tension. Warring factions come together, building a higher sense of belonging for all participants.
  • Removes rigid attitudes. Aggressive participants mellow down and learn to deal with anger effectively. Submissive employees open up and contribute better.
  • Employees start solving complex problems at the shop floor, unleashing their creative potential by offering a number of alternatives.

Developing your effective Successor

Change of MD/CEO is a tricky process for any organization, family run or professional, small, medium or big. One of the major reasons for the fall of organizations is the change of guard at the top, even in Fortune 500 companies. Succession has been a tricky issue with even major national and multinational organizations.

As the current MD/CEO therefore, one of your most critical roles is to choose and implant an effective successor for yourself, proactively rather than rushing into a decision on this role of paramount importance - nearly make or mar - to the organization.

The death trap in fulfilling this critical role is the thought in us that there is still time. We may be sadly mistaken.

Even MD's and CEO's who have done this proactively have largely failed in spite of working with them for a year, sitting side by side in the same office and then handing over. There have been two recent examples in the Indian management scene where even timely action has misfired. Locating and then developing a MD/CEO has not been as easy a task as it looks even for experienced MD's / CEO's.

Sure enough you have a few people in mind but how sure are you that they are the right ones. Even if they are the right ones, how to build effectiveness into them?

Would you like a more effective way of ensuring effective succession? Selecting out of the ones sponsored by you and individually hand holding and mentoring experts, to become eligible, capable and effective in running your company?

We thought professional organizations that are looking for developing a promising executive to run the company as the next successor or family organizations that want their youngsters in the family to develop into a very effective entrepreneur cum leader manager may need such a service.

We are announcing such a service from Quest.

As you have come to expect from us the way we will do this is the quest way and this is very different from the way you have heard others doing it: We can assure you the experience will be an extra-ordinary, life changing , once- in- a- life- time one with proven, guaranteed effectiveness.


We will choose only those who have the potential to become effective leader managers cum entrepreneurs, out of those sponsored by you. This means if you want to get one such individual you have to sponsor at least 3 if not more to be tested by us. We will use our now- famous QuTest® for doing this.

We will handhold the participants thus chosen on an individual basis for the complete duration of this exercise: This means we cannot take more than 6 people at a time.

These people chosen will be counselled by us. The corrective action that they have to take on themselves to change their ineffective habits will be done in our presence and closely monitored by us.

They will be collectively put through our PEGS and PICKSS program in a very intensive way with exercises to be done in their respective companies. They have to present to us the process and results of these exercises and then they have to present the same to their organizations.

The modules that will be covered are:

English speaking if they are not able to speak English already.

Thinking in opposites- how to develop an open mind even if it is rigid and closed as of now.

How resources constraints can be managed and yet the results accomplished, instead of getting blocked by resource constraints and sighting them as reasons for why something could not be done. Using creativity and drilling the participant into time management. Help them actually build uniqueness in their products, services, their companies policies and management practices and administration. Practical projects from their organizations to be carried out by them under our close supervision.

Receiving systems (Super systems) and their implications for their role i.e., President, CEO or MD/Chairman. Prioritising the Super systems, identifying the correct and relevant ones for the role they are in at the moment and identifying the wrong ones, and drilling them in giving unconditional + to these vital systems in the process of decision making and execution.

Role description :
The key roles they cannot postpone or ignore. Need to include change management as a constant role, introducing and implementing changes until they get imbibed as habits by their organization, need to broad-base the number of customers and the number of products to ensure stability and growth of the organization, building their organization to last long, making the participants radars to locate the shifting bottlenecks of their respective organizations and anticipate future bottlenecks, making them act on bottlenecks decisively and fast, doing the above in their organization as a project so that the organization gets the benefit of this exercise and also enable the participant to be perceived as a leader by his contribution and enabling him to become a spontaneous and informal leader, not just the formally appointed leader.

How to run management meetings that are few but periodical and produce results. What questions to ask in such meetings.

How to get things done by effective delegation.

MIS for company as a whole and functional/ departmental performance indices - only a few but critical ones for the company and for every function in the company, need to take action on the deviations and following through to rectifying them.

Building an uncanny ability to locate the root problem, the root cause of the root problem, problem solving, decision making and execution of the decision taken.

Building the ability to run an organization whose survival (present) and growth (future) are both taken care of in a systematic periodical way rather than reacting to a crisis, after it surfaces.

Envisioning the future and driving the company into the envisioned future. Coming out with purpose and sense of values for their organizations and making them a day-to -day practice. Enabling the candidate to build an enviable and productive culture that is positive where people are motivated to focus on one point instead of working in apparently independent and competitive functions and departments, building and running teams with common focus.


This will be hand-holding each individual participant with some joint sessions where all participants will have to be together. Each participant will be shuttling between his company and Quest but while in company, he won't have time to do any other work except the assignments to be done by the participant in the company.


Baroda- at the Quest Head Quarters but non-residential .


We anticipate a total duration of 6 months for achieving the objectives of this programme and taking it to effective completion, out of which we expect each participant to be in his company working on chosen projects specific to the participant and the company nearly 5 months.

However we will be available for each participant via email / telephone/cell for clarification while applying any of the inputs of the programme for a period of 2 years from the date of joining this program. This advice service will be free of charge.

Why Quest for this job?

As you are probably aware, we have a complete set of software expert products to run a company, small, medium or big. Going into these products is a solid, several man years managing and consulting experience in a variety of verticals of that has actually produced very significant results on the ground.

We have pulled given up companies from virtual closure to levels that were thought of as impossible to achieve.

We have been involved in unprecedented growth of companies that have been flat for years.

So we thought why not share this expertise to run companies effectively with chosen few individuals who are in need of such an expertise.

What the participant will get:

He will be ready to run a company professionally and effectively.

He will be setting an example for others to follow and will be perceived spontaneously by all as a visionary leader entrepreneur.

What the organization will get:

A certified and almost guaranteed leader manager who is also an entrepreneur.

The company will get, at the very least, the advantage of the fees paid for this intensive, individually hand-held programme as a by- product even as the programme is coming to an end through the assignments that the participant will have to do in the company. Of course the organization gets a virtually guaranteed visionary leader who draws respect from everyone he leads.

Two lakhs fifty thousand Only per month per participant i.e., 15 lakhs for the entire program to be paid in advance before the start of the program.

Those interested may please contact us: or

In addition the organization has to pay for Board & lodge expenses of Quest consultants / mentors if and only if they have to visit the organization in the process of helping the participant in doing his practical assignments of the program.

HR & Effectiveness Training : (DEAM)

Diploma in Applied Effective Management - DEAM

This program is unique and specially prepared for working professionals, students entering into industry and start-ups become entrepreneurs.

Eligibility Requirements: Working knowledge of spoken and written English with basic Knowledge in computer as the coursematerial is available only in English. No other requirements like age, qualification etc. is required.

This is a paper- less course and will be conducted only through email or cell.

There will not be any examination at the end of the course but you will be evaluated periodically only by the answers you give to the questions listed under each module that pertain to your own life experiences - personal and official. You can share these experiences of your life camouflaging it as your friends to preserve privacy. The certificate of diploma will be given only to those found suitable enough to apply (or to those who have already applied) the effectiveness concepts in the coursein their life situations.

Each candidate will get individual attention i.e., each student will be individually hand-held.

On successful completion of the course, you can expect to become one of the best in getting things done using very less resources and in least time, wherever you work or in your own enterprise or home.

You can get your doubts cleared in person on appointment at of our branches

Being a correspondence course you can apply at any time with your full bio-data soft copy to: Quest Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Duration: 6 months.

Fees: 1.5 lakhs (Rs. One and a half lakhs only).

The Quest guarantee:

Our highly successful programmes will actually produce tangible results immediately after the workshops.
We are committed in our continued support to participants in their efforts for achievement and change even after the programme.

Got a question? Call us at +91 7600014871/4 or click here to find other ways of reaching us.

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