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Effective Culture Change by Quest

It all begins with people.

Quest offers a simple yet powerful solution that makes your organization the master, rather than the victim of change. The resulting cultural transformation helps you build and sustain a dramatically effective organization that delivers substantially better performance with the same resources. If an organization accepts the inevitability of change, change can be rejuvenating, and self-sustaining.

In today's world, there is intense competition, offering customers a surplus of choices. Monopoly does not exist in our increasingly flat, globalized world anymore — competition can spring up from another country, or even another technology. Organizations need to wake up to the fact that customer is king today. We often come across situations that point to a lack of focus and ineffective organizational culture - whether it is unexpected airline delays, bribery at the tax office and inexplicable phone bills. As product differentiation is driven to a minimum, it is the service that can make your organization stand apart, and ahead.

This requires an organization-wide single-minded focus to align each of its resources towards this objective.

A quick reality check:

  • Is your pre-order sales behaviour more pleasant than after-sales service?
  • You may say that you do not miss deadlines, but how sure are you that things get done unless you personally follow up?
  • Do you manipulate your customers; say one thing in your promotions while meaning something else?
  • Does customer delivery become important only after the agreed delivery date is already past?
  • When an angry customer shows up, do you own up or get creative with the excuses?
  • Are the employees who manipulate and mislead customers named 'best performers'?
  • Does your lean order book give you sleepless nights?
  • Are you able to prioritise competing tasks?
  • Is inter-departmental co-ordination effective?
  • Are you able to meet the quoted lead times?
  • Are your processes holding up the front-line departments?
  • How objective is your performance evaluation? More importantly, how objective is it perceived to be by the people assessed?
  • Do you have vital information (MIS), including the financial health of your organisation – available on a real-time basis, within minutes' reach at any time, irrespective of where you are in the world?

Clever customer "management" never pays in the long run. Nowadays, it can kill a company even in the short run! The only way to retain the customer is to let him drive your company. Quest can help you to spark this cultural transformation in your company.

Once the culture changes to an effective one that motivates people to produce results, the above problems get solved easily, enabling you to spend time on your larger business goals. This is applicable to small, medium and large businesses, hospitality, healthcare, educational institutions and government organizations.

What you can expect from Effective Culture Change
by Quest:

  • Your organization culture will change from being focused inwards to outwards, towards the customer.
  • With all your employees tuned to one focus, several creative ideas will emerge, not creativity for creativity's sake but for solving customers' problems.
  • Competition will lose steam and become helpless against your organisation. We've seen this happen. Every time.
  • When all your employees become customer-focused and customer-driven, there will be no time to indulge in groupism or internal squabbles. All the time wasted on politicking will shift to fulfilling the customer's needs.
  • Each employee will feel like coming to the office and will enjoy working.
  • All this will happen not just once in a while, but on a continuous basis. This culture will become a permanent feature of your company.

Some points to note:

  • We insist on implementation of our suggestions and are part of the implementation team. The skill is thus transferred to the people of the organization, so that the results continue to flow after we leave.
  • We have a condition before starting work. We start our job only after we test psychometrically the chief of the organization.
  • By when can you expect results to flow? This takes about a year for a small organization, 1-2 years for a medium organization. We split larger organizations into small and medium sized units, and start from the one which needs immediate focus.
  • Once the job is done, employees can continue working in the new environment. We will periodically audit your organization and ensure the culture is truly maintained.

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