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Qu TMS®: Effective Total Business Management System

           Qu TMS® is an online management solution that helps you delegate tasks and then forget about them. It also tracks profitability in real time - day by day, month to date, year to date, and year to year - making these available to you at all given points in time, wherever you are. You will not have to chase subordinates and suppliers, or fight fires, or keep apologizing to customers, or give excuses to your directors. Your subordinates will be motivated instead of being nagged. Satisfied customers, happy subordinates, pleased directors, less apprehension, less stress all around. What more can one want?

Qu TMS® is also economical, easy to implement and costs lesser than the annual salary of a senior manager.

If you face any of these problems:

Qu TMS® is your solution

Are you losing out on revenue generation opportunities because of insufficient lead time and production overload? Do you feel that continuous improvement to reduce the lead time taken to process a customer order or grievance is only talked about but not implemented?

Enables differential treatment for orders when you have less time for execution and delivery, normal time and more time, contrary to a fixed lead time for similar orders irrespective of time available.

Do you have to constantly drive people to complete delegated tasks? Do you make a serious effort to assign priorities to tasks? Do you pre-empt or do you react?

Qu TMS® gives out tasks that you and your people should be doing on a given day and also assigns the right priorities to the tasks. The built-in algorithm ensures completion of all orders as per the customer desired delivery dates.

Do you have insufficient coordination between departments that are involved in processing a product or service, thereby causing fire-fighting and delays?

Ensures instant and real-time communication between the concerned people in various departments and smooth, coordinated execution.

Are you in a position to predict the most likely date of completion of a customer order or processing of a complaint and communicate this to the customer, or do you simply leave the customer to follow up and discover for himself?

Predicts the most likely date of completion of a customer order or processing of a complaint and communicates this to the customer, before he follows up with you.

Do you and your people jump from one fire to another, without ever finding out what is causing the fires and how they can be prevented?

Locates root-causes of problems and leads you to all the corrections that need to be implemented, so that the problems do not recur.

Does the performance rating of an employee in your organisation contain rewards/punishment for individual and team performance?

Gives objective rating to the doers of tasks, both for individual and team performance based on factors that determine the quality and quantity of work.

Do you have many geographical locations to manage and feel not quite sure about your effectiveness in all the locations, particularly at times that you are away from a given location?

Gives you a firm control over your responsibilities that are delegated and spread over many locations or units or branches.

Are there days when you feel that work could have been more productive? Or are there tasks that you feel could have been completed in a shorter time frame?

Qu TMS® increases the value added per day, since this is key to profitability. It does this by not only increasing the efficiency and productivity, but also by consistently working to decrease the time taken in completing tasks. Qu TMS® makes processes happen at customer/management desired time frames rather than conventional systems that stipulate a fixed lead time for all processes.

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