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People are the most critical of all your assets. Quest offers 3 key result oriented solutions that maximize your HR effectiveness, breed excellence in your manpower to ensure dramatic organizational effectiveness and better performance – with your existing resources.

Effective recruitment & placement of new and current employees

  • Why are people with strong resumes sometimes not successful at work?
  • Is there any way to forecast an employee's behaviour in different situations and environments?
  • How objective and fair is your recruitment and evaluation process?

The people in your organization are the most critical and valued of all your assets. How carefully — and objectively — do you recruit them? Thereafter, on the job, do you monitor whether you have assigned the most appropriate roles to them?

Before our intervention
When the right person is in the wrong job
The Quest Recruitment & Placement solution is

An objective check on your most valuable resource — people

A match maker between roles & individuals, to arrive at the right fit

Largely automated, hence minimal scope for subjective errors

Backed by over 50 years of testing and recruitment experience

When you and we joins hands

Training across levels to increase effectiveness & business growth

We offer our successful and result-oriented training programme that brings about dramatic and real change in an organization, on the job.

  • Our training program has changed the organizational culture across small, medium and large scale organizations, across functions and industries, from manufacturing to service over the last 50 years.

We offer three types of programmes:

PICKSS: Training for managers and above

Results in sustained increase in effectiveness of management and business growth with reduced risk, immediately upon completion of the program.

PEGS: Training for non-managers, supervisors, workers

Experiential learning programme that creates self motivated and postively tuned people, channels untapped potential into creative & productive activities, in the context of the company.

Developing your effective Successor

He/She will be ready to run a company professionally and effectively.

Diploma in Applied Effective Management (DAEM)

Very different from the vast majority of other such courses.

Bringing cultural change in your organization

Today, organizations around the world are moving toward a customer centric approach. It does not pay to be insensitive to the customer's needs or deadlines - we see this affecting organizations not only in the long run, but also in the short term.

The best way to ensure that customer stays happy is by acknowledging that he's the king - whether your organization is a multinational, restaurant, store, or small industry. And for this to be effective, the customer focus needs to come from every employee across every function in the organization.

Effective culture change by Quest is a 360 degree solution to spark this change in your company. With this solution:

1.The organization culture will change from being focused inwards to being focused outwards, towards its customers.

2.With all the employees tuned to one focus, several creative ideas will emerge, to solve problems and propel business forward.

3.With one common objective for the entire organization team work is almost automatic. In the absence of a common goal, you have to build a team!

4.This will not just be a short term change, but be a permanent feature in your company, on a continuous basis.

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