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Thank You

I wanted to write to you and thank you for coming for the aayudha pooja for our company.

When I was a child, every year I attended the aayudha pooja. It was a great source of pride and joy for me. In recent times however, i still felt great joy and pride. But at the same time I felt very sad to see that this company was not where it was supposed to be.

My mother sent me some pictures of the puja this year and for the first time I have seen the factory look like a palace. Of course I have no doubt in my mind that I have you to thank for that. It is such a great feeling to do weekly calls with my father and discuss how to drive our company further.

Not more than 3 months ago, we were thinking of winding down the business or selling it. Now there is so much promise. I thank you for all your support and help and am greatly honoured that you took the time to visit the factory during aayudha pooja.

With respect to the article you had sent, decision making is very easy for those who understand the idea of super system. Quest's philosophy is so simple and I often wonder as I go through my MBA course why management has become such a convoluted and needlessly complex exercise. I have observed that successful managers make a lot of money. But money is more often than not only a secondary motivator. The chase is better than the catch. Bill Gates for example is a great manager in that he envisioned a paperless office; not to be the worlds richest. Therefore, my thinking is decision making should be simple and quick as long as you are conceptually clear on who should be the primary beneficiary of your decision.

As a customer of Quest, I value the speed of decision making and implementation. Also, I value the percolation of decision making philosophy to everyone in the organization. I appreciate how a Shankar or Tamilmani can take decisions on the fly and those decisions would have been the same if anyone else in the organization were in their place. The members of the organization must be uniform in echoing the decision making philosophy. Recently I had studied about Dell's operating model and their almost obsessive need to reduce turn around time. I was reminded of what you had mentioned about reducing turn around time.

Management process today has in fact not only slowed down decision making but also made it inaccurate and shrouded in mystery.

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