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* We have done intensive and Focused Total Management Consultancy for just nine Companies. Six of these Nine Companies have got awards for effectiveness in Management.

* One - a medium sized mass production printing unit - got a German Award for getting three times the installed capacity production with infallible Quality. with seven years accumulated losses exceeding capital employed, all chartered Acountants for the Bank, the financial institution and the company insisted on providing for write off. From this position the company wiped out all the accumulated losses in one and half years and paid back all the loans and advances in totality.

* Second - a small Automobile ancillary unit got a zero defect award out of 1000 Suppliers from a major auto producer. Prior to our association there were innumerable Complaints daily of quality problems from the same auto manafacturer

* Third - a medium sized Engineering Company got a National Award for product innovation and protype making.

* Fourth - a Multi National Organization increased is Production three times in a year with the same resources.

* Fifth - a start up in hospitality industry from a Tier 2 town grew to a chain of hotels and restaurants.

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